What is So Special About Birkenstocks?

We all know one and many of you are one: Birkenstock People. Have you noticed that people that love their Birkenstocks REALLY love their Birkenstocks? Well, there is a reason for this. Birkenstocks, when broken in, are extremely comfortable. Here are some reasons why we, at Kintec Salmon Arm, are big fans of Birkenstock sandals:

1. The footbed is made of cork. Cork is a material that molds to the foot as it is worn and this means that Birkenstock sandals get more and more comfortable as you wear them. Cork is also a very good shock absorbing material.

2. The footbed has a contoured shape to it. The Birkenstock footbed has a deep heel cup, good arch support, and is one of the only pieces of footwear that has metatarsal support.

3. The footbed is lined with leather. When wearing sandals for long periods of time, especially in the summer, the bottoms of your feet sweat. Many synthetic materials get slimy over time and can build up odours. The leather on Birkenstock sandals absorbs the moisture from your feet which limits odour build up and increases foot comfort.

4. Birkenstock is one of the only sandals where it is socially acceptable to wear them with wool socks, making them an all season sandal. OK, maybe this one is not for everybody.

Birkenstock sandals are available in many different upper designs and materials as well as in firm and soft footbed models. If you have never tried on Birkenstock sandals before come in, give them a try, and talk to the Kintec team about more of the benefits of the sandals.

Kintec is located downtown Salmon Arm on Hudson Ave.

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