Summer: Not the Time for Foot Pain

Summer in the Shuswap – the time for beaches, boats, hiking, flip flops, sore feet…..Hold on, sore feet? That isn’t fun!

Many summer sandals are made from thin, inexpensive foams that provide very little protection for the feet and can contribute to a variety of foot conditions, such as plantar fasciitis and metatarsalgia. You do not need to compromise on foot health to get into sandals in the spring and summer. Here are some tips on buying sandals:

1. The base of the sandal should be made of denser foams or cork. These materials will protect the feet from ground elements, such as rocks and glass, and will provide significantly more durability to your sandals.

2. The footbed should have a contoured shape to it. The more the footbed of the sandal resembles your foot shape, the more comfortable they will be and the more you will be able to wear them for all your daily activities.

3. The forefoot of the sandal should have a rockered shape to it. If the toe of the footbed curves up slightly it will allow for a natural toe off and will reduce pressure on the forefoot and metatarsal joints.

4. The upper of the sandal should hug the foot and not allow the sandal to flop around when you lift your foot off the ground. Whether it is a strapped sandal or a flip flop, the sandal needs to stay on your foot and extra ‘floppiness’ forces you to alter your gait simply to keep the sandal on your foot.

At Kintec in Salmon Arm, all our sandals are designed to work with your feet and can be worn for most of the day without increased risk of foot discomfort compared to your regular footwear. Many of our options will also accommodate a custom orthotic or supportive insole for when additional support is beneficial.

We stock sandals from Birkenstock, Keen, FitFLop, Vionic, Portofino, Aravon and more. Come visit us on Hudson Avenue downtown Salmon Arm and get ready to ‘get your summer on’.

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