Plantar Fasciitis


Plantar fasciitis is a painful condition where the fibrous band along the bottom of the foot is injured. People suffering from plantar fasciitis will feel pain under the heel of one or both feet that likely increases during the day as time is spent on the feet. The times of the worst pain are often after long periods of standing, during or after exercise and in the morning just after getting out of bed.

There are many factors that can contribute to plantar fasciitis and it is rarely just a single thing that will cause this condition. Factors that will contribute to plantar fasciitis can be:

  1. Improper or worn out footwear
  2. Foot structure or foot mechanics
  3. A sudden change or increase in physical activity or work environment
  4. Long periods of standing (especially on hard surfaces)

Recovering from plantar fasciitis can be a long process because, unlike other parts of the body, most people cannot stop using their feet for extended periods of time. It is important then, to seek out multiple treatment options and be diligent when applying these treatments.

Treatment options for plantar fasciitis include (but are not limitted to):

  1. Custom foot orthotics or supportive insoles – orthotics will address any biomechanical factors of the feet that are increasing strain on the plantar fascia.
  2. Stretching – stretching of the achilles tendon and the plantar fascia will help increase the flexibility of the tissues.
  3. Footwear – appropriate footwear helps protect the feet from the stresses of day to day activity and exercise.
  4. Plantar Fascia night splint and morning exercises – a night time and morning routine will aid in the heeling of the fascia.
  5. Physiotherapy – a therapist will treat the soft tissue injury and improve healing.
  6. Topical analgesic – when applied, a topical product can improve blood flow to the area, speed healing and reduce pain.

Come and talk to us at Kintec in Salmon Arm about your foot pain. Our Pedorthist and Fitting Experts can help guide you on the best course of treatments for plantar fasciitis and other foot and leg pains.

We are located at 117 Hudson Ave in downtown Salmon Arm.

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