Esker Insoles

We’re pumped to be one of the first retailers in North America to sell Esker insoles. These Made in Canada insoles are made from 100% natural materials with no synthetics and no plastics.

The top surface is felted wool so the insoles are amazing at wicking moisture and keeping your feet dry, warm, and comfortable. Wool excels at regulating temperature and Esker footbeds are at home in both cold and warm temperatures.

I have been testing a pair of Esker insoles in my outdoor footwear and have used them in the snow, the wet, and the dry. They have felt comfortable throughout with a firm, but not overly aggressive, arch and metatarsal support. The felted wool top surface has a nice texture to it that helped limit foot movement inside my footwear when on uneven terrain and slopes.

Esker insoles are very well suited to most outdoor activities including hiking, working, skiing, snow boarding, mountain biking, and more.

Fun Fact: Esker Insoles are biodegradable and can be composted!

Learn more at and come into Kintec to check them out in person.

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