Over the Counter Insoles

At Kintec, we regularly get people coming in to talk to us about custom foot orthotics and how orthotics can help with any pains or discomforts they are getting. While many people can benefit from a pair of custom orthotics made by the pedorthist at Kintec, not everyone needs to be fit with a fully custom product. If deemed appropriate, the team at Kintec can fit you with supportive or accommodative over the counter insoles and can even modify insoles to provide additional support for your feet when needed.

Over the counter insoles cost a fraction of the price of custom orthotics and even when modified they will offer substantial savings. Here are some common modifications that can be performed to an insole.

Increased HF Control

If there is excessive motion at the heel during gait (this is common when the foot is overpronating) the hindfoot of the insole can be reinforced to provide additional support. This is done by gluing a dense foam to the back on the insole and then grinding it to the angle that will best support the foot.

Increased Arch Support

Over the counter insoles are built with a fairly standard level of support for the arch and, unless there is excessive flattening of the arch, this is often sufficient. If a bit of additional support is needed and not enough to warrant a fully custom orthotic, then the arch of the insole can be reinforced. A fairly soft foam is glued through the arch area and then ground to a level that provides the desired amount of reinforcement.

Metatarsal Support

Most over the counter insoles do not provide very good support for the metatarsal area in the forefoot. If you are getting pain or discomfort across the ball of the foot then a metatarsal support may be needed. This is best done by spot heating the insole and pushing a metatarsal shape up through the bottom. The cavity that is created is then filled with a soft foam for reinforcement.

Over the counter insoles typically cost up to $60 and most modifications can be done for under $50. While over the counter insoles do not replace a well designed custom orthotic, they do provide a cost effective alternative for those that do not need the full control of a custom device.

Talk to the team at Kintec on Hudson Ave in downtown Salmon Arm about insoles, orthotics and footwear. We are fully trained to assess your foot care needs and will spend time with you talking about common solutions and treatment options.

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